Hearing Technology

At Lions Hearing Clinic, there is a hearing solution for everyone.

Which situations do you have trouble hearing in? Could it be when you’re listening to the TV, during a phone call, or whilst enjoying family dinners?

Once we understand where you’re having a hard time, we can recommend the right hearing solution for you. Together, we can get you back to communicating with your loved ones, and doing your favourite activities again.

As technology changes, so do your hearing options.

Our range is constantly growing to include new hearing solutions to suit you, whether that’s an invisible hearing device, a stylish rechargeable hearing aid, or a simple device to plug into your TV or phone. We stock the best brands from around the world to make sure you have the variety and quality you need.

Listen to the science not the sales talk

Lions Hearing Clinics is owned by Ear Science Institute Australia, conducting world renowned ear and hearing research right here in Perth. While we’re checking your hearing in the clinic, our international team of scientists are in the lab, making incredible discoveries about our ears and hearing. Our researchers share their findings with our clinicians – and that’s where the magic happens.

Our clinicians use these latest research findings to assess your hearing, and recommend treatments or devices for your specific needs.

Older Patient Wearing Hearing Aids

Small & Powerful Hearing Aids

Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids pack modern technology into a stylish, yet small device that sits just behind your ear. BTE hearing aids often come with Bluetooth technology so you can stream phone calls directly to your device, and adjust the volume from your smartphone.

They have a rubber dome or custom mould that sits inside the ear canal, and a small, (usually plastic) tube that rests behind the ear. These devices are durable, simple to use, and usually very discreet.

Brands: Phonak, Unitron, Oticon, and GN Resound

Invisible Hearing Aids

Lyric is an invisible hearing solution that can be worn all day, every day – even when you’re sleeping or showering. Unlike other popular hearing devices, there is no need to insert or remove it as part of your routine. It’s a simple, sophisticated solution for busy professionals.

Brands: Phonak

Light-weight Hearing Aids

Receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) hearing aids are smaller and lighter. They have two parts – one that sits behind your ear, and one that sits inside your ear. They are comfortable and easy to use.

Brands: Phonak, Unitron, Oticon, and GNReSound

Not ready for hearing aids?

If hearing aids aren’t for you, an Assistive Listening Device (ALD) can have a big, positive impact on your life. Although they can’t be worn all day like a hearing aid, they can make it easier to listen in certain situations, like when you’re watching TV or listening out for the doorbell. For people who do use hearing aids, ALDs can be used side-by-side with them to boost their hearing even more.

Brands: Phonak, Bellman & Symfon, Nuheara, Unitron and Audeara

Next level of hearing device: Hearing Implants

If hearing aids aren’t powerful enough, a cochlear implant may be the right choice for you. Modern cochlear implants pack advanced hearing technology into a small device implanted directly into the cochlea to help you hear clearly, with a processor on the outside to amplify sound. You can take phone calls directly to your device, and take advantage of accessories for your lifestyle, like waterproofing devices.

Brands: Cochlear, MED-EL, Oticon, Advanced Bionics

Protect your hearing with customised solutions

It is important to use hearing protection if you are exposed to noise, but the type of earplugs you need depends on the noise you are exposed to.

  • Hearing protection earplugs
  • Musicians earplugs
  • Sleep earplugs
Brands: GN ReSound and Pacific Ears

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