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If you’re having trouble hearing, listen to the science. Not the sales talk

As part of Ear Science Institute Australia, Western Australia’s own independent medical research institute dedicated to ear and hearing care,  we are the leading hearing care providers with confident, qualified clinicians ready to care for all of your hearing needs.

From hearing aids to hearing implants, tinnitus and balance services, we provide ongoing support and treatment, commission free, whilst utilising the world’s leading manufacturer’s devices.

Your hearing impacts your perception of the world around you.  Hearing loss can isolate you from conversations, and make it difficult to do the things in life that you enjoy, from socialising with friends and family, to watching TV.  Addressing your hearing concerns early, can minimise the impact hearing loss can cause.

Lions Hearing Clinic is dedicated to helping you improve your hearing and get you back to enjoying the sounds in your life and conversations with loved ones.

Tinnitus & Ringing in your Ear

Constant noise in your head, such as ringing (or tinnitus) in your ears, rarely indicates a serious health problem, but it sure can be annoying.

It is a really common condition but what you can do about it?

All About Ear Wax

Got an ear full?  It is very normal for our ears to create wax but when does it become an issue?  And what can you do about it?

Ear & Hearing Services

Our science led approach to clinical care for all our clients integrates world-leading research findings with our clinical expertise, driven by the needs of our clients.

As part of Ear Science Institute Australia, we are the only hearing provider that is translating evidence into clinical care.  Don’t trust your hearing to anyone else.

Clinical Care Led by Science

We bring together some of the most influential academics and clinicians in the world, all with a shared passion to understand hearing and a shared goal to cure hearing loss.

Our science continues to set best practice with a fully integrated model of clinical and research activities. Allowing us to translate our knowledge into tangible outcomes for our community and beyond.

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