Community engagement to increase awareness of healthy hearing

Community education, services and audiology events are a big part of the purpose of Ear Science Institute Australia. We aim to increase the number of Australian’s taking control of their hearing through education. We strive to improve their quality of life and provide suitable strategies to assist those who have existing hearing loss.

Community engagement and education is a key strength of Ear Science Institute Australia. We pride ourselves on giving back to the community that supports us and assisting those in most need of our services. In the year ahead, we will continue to develop our existing programs further and enhance our offerings to the local and broader community through information technology to increase our reach.

Healthy Hearing Outback Program

Ear Science has been delivering the Lions Healthy Hearing Outback program for the Nyiyaparli and Martu people in the East Pilbara region of Western Australia since 2014. In partnership with the Puntukurnu Aboriginal Medical Service (PAMS) and funded by Rural Health West, the program provides Audiology and ENT consultation, as well as upskilling of local health staff and community members.

Telethon Family Festival

Over a weekend in Oct 2023, Telethon raised over $77.5m to support the kids of Western Australia to thrive.

Working with Lions Hearing Clinics, we were part of the massive street festival of family fun from RAC Arena to Wellington Street right up to Yagan Square.

Over $600m has been raised since Telethon began in 1968

Telethon Family Festival

Lions Hearing Foundation Hearing Aid Bank

World Health Organization’s research demonstrates that developing countries have the most significant prevalence of hearing-impaired people, mainly in rural areas across Southeast Asia, the Asia Pacific and sub-Saharan Africa.

To help these people, our Lions Hearing Clinics, in collaboration with the Lions Hearing Foundation, donate thousands of pre-owned hearing aids to needy areas through a joint initiative called the Lions Hearing Aid Bank.

Lions Healthy Hearing Pop Up

If the volume on your TV is slowly creeping up, why not book in for a free hearing check at our next Lions Healthy Hearing Pop Up. With the support of the Lions Hearing Foundation, we take the Hearing Bus out into the community, with specialists on hand to answer all your ear and hearing queries.

An Audiologist will perform FREE Hearing Checks in the purpose-built bus. To find out where our next Lions Healthy Hearing Pop Up is, keep an eye on our social media.

Audiology Events

With 1 in 6 people suffering from hearing impairment, our community Audiologist conducts regular presentations to community groups and medical professionals on all things hearing. From Hearing Awareness Week to Men’s Shed to local Libraries and Lions Clubs, we head out and present an engaging presentation that aims to educate and entertain as we raise awareness of the importance of our hearing. We also attend and contribute to Audiology Australia conferences.

All Ears Cambodia

Less than 1% of Cambodians who need hearing aids have them.

A modern digital hearing aid cost is more than what most Khmer’s would pay for a house. It just isn’t attainable. But the consequences of hearing loss are devastating. It impairs language and speech development in children, causes vocational and economic hardship for adults, and leads to loneliness and neglect in the elderly.

Ear Science Institute Australia helps All Ears Cambodia tackle ear and hearing health issues head-on, helping thousands of disadvantaged children and adults in Cambodia.

Ear Science Professional Working with Child

World Hearing Day

World Hearing Day is held on 3 March each year to raise awareness on preventing deafness and hearing loss and promoting ear and hearing care across the world.

Each year Ear Science Institute Australia celebrate the day and use it as a platform to raise awareness of early intervention in hearing loss.