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Ear Science Institute Australia

Established in 2001, Ear Science Institute Australia is an independent not-for-profit organisation dedicated to improving ear and hearing outcomes through education and translational, solutions-based research (patient-to-laboratory-to-patient). We are an active and committed education and training organisation, with robust and dynamic links between researchers and clinicians. Our approach is multi-disciplinary in nature, employing skills from diverse fields such as otolaryngology, audiology, engineering, computer science and molecular and cellular sciences.

We are uniquely placed to resolve the issues faced by the one in six Australians who live with hearing loss today, and projected to affect one in four by 2050. With our dedicated ear health focus, expert staff and collaborative relationships that span the globe, the services and research conducted at the Ear Science Institute Australia focuses on the attainment of a cure, prevention through education, and support of those suffering today from not only the physical effects of hearing loss but also the impact it has on
their relationships, careers and quality of life.

Clinical services

Our clinical services are tailored to the needs of each individual and provide a complete continuum-of-care across all age groups. Our main customer-facing arm, Lions Hearing Clinic, has a team of dedicated audiologists and audiometrists, who provide hearing loss prevention, including protective technologies and lifestyle advice; audiological testing; and hearing aid services, including fitting, maintenance and long-term patient care.

We also provide care through our Ear Science Clinic, the largest cochlear implant centre in Western Australia. Ear Science Clinic specialises in delivering a range of sophisticated hearing technologies for individuals with profound hearing loss, as well as vestibular and balance services, speech pathology and paediatric diagnostic services. Its primary surgical solutions relate to implantable devices, including cochlear and bone conduction implants.

Our research pillar is focused on research and technology development for the many disease that can affect our hearing and balance systems. All proceeds from our clinical services are invested back into our research; a cycle that works to fund our aim to discover a cure and develop new and innovative technologies. The pillar has two primary areas of research – clinical research and basic research (including molecular and cellular otolaryngology, e-Health and epidemiology). This pillar has made many notable discoveries as it works toward developing a cure, and proudly maintains synergistic relationships with several other noted research facilities around the globe.

Through the activity of our research and clinical service departments, Ear Science Institute Australia has accumulated important insights into new and developing methodologies and best practice tactics for hearing health. Our education pillar shares our information to the medical community – including general practitioners, audiologists and allied health professionals – though our $2 million medical laboratory and surgical facility at our Avant Education Centre.The Avant Education Centre, named for our significant and generous supporter, the Avant Mutual Group, delivers a range of RACGP-accredited programs to medical professionals wishing to further their knowledge and training on ear and hearing health.

Our community initiatives and programs aim to reduce the growing numbers of Australians suffering from irreparable hearing loss through education and, for those who have existing hearing loss, we strive to improve their quality of life and provide suitable strategies to assist them.