100% invisible hearing aid

Experience invisible and
hassle-free hearing

Lyric is designed to fit mild to moderately-severe hearing loss and is made from a soft biocompatible material designed to contour to your ear canal and ensure natural ventilation and stable, comfortable placement.

Phonak Lyric™ | Discreet but powerful

100% Invisible | Unlike traditional hearing aids, Lyric is placed deep into the ear canal, making it invisible to the world.

Clear, natural sound | Lyric delivers a more natural hearing experience because Lyric uses your natural ear anatomy to localise sound.

24/7 hearing | Wear Lyric around the clock for months at a time without taking it outthrough daily activities such as exercising or even showering.2

Lyric provides relief to tinnitus sufferers

Almost everyone has experienced tinnitus or “ringing in the ear” at one time. Based on a study conducted by Dr Jacob Johnson, Lyric reduces tinnitus disturbance faster and provides more significant relief than other types of hearing aids.

Lyric has also been proven to improve sleep quality in clients with tinnitus.

Lyric is purchased on an annual subscription basis, including replacement Lyric devices, access to the latest technology and services throughout the year.

Book a Lyric assessment today and take advantage of an obligation-free trial.   The fee for the trial is $300, with no obligation to purchase the device/proceed further, but if you proceed with a Lyric fitting, $300 will be discounted off your first annual subscription fee.

A subscription covers one year of Lyric hearing.  Each device lasts about 2 to 3 months at a time, and when you need a new Lyric, visit your clinician for a replacement device.  The cost of your subscription for one year includes up to 8 replacement devices.  You can remove your Lyric at any time.  However, your Lyric clinician will need to re-insert it. 

You never need to pay for repairs or battery replacements, and you will receive technology updates as they become available.

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Why do people love Lyric?

Discreet appearance | 100% invisible from the outside
Convenience | No fiddling required – once Lyric is in, you don’t need to adjust it until the battery runs out
It can be worn with stethoscopes, earphones or headsets
Natural sound | Lyric uses your ear’s shape to deliver clear, natural sound
The latest technology | When it’s time to change the battery, your clinician will give you a new Lyric as part of your standard Lyric subscription. If an upgrade comes out during your one year subscription period, your next device will be upgraded at no extra cost
Tinnitus relief | Lyric can help to reduce your tinnitus at night (when it is typically more noticeable)

1Individual patients' needs may vary. Lyric is not appropriate for all patients. See a Lyric provider to determine whether Lyric is right for you.
2Lyric is water resistant, not waterproof, and should not be completely submerged underwater.