Online Hearing Test

Free online hearing test

1 in 6 People Have Hearing Impairment - Are You One of Them?

This online hearing check will help you identify difficulties with understanding speech in background noise.

  • You will be asked for your year of birth and your preferred language
  • Try to find a quiet space and decide if you will use your device speakers or headphones
  • Set the volume to a comfortable level
  • You will hear 23 sets of numbers, always in groups of three, while background static noise plays
  • The volume will increase and decrease as you move through the test
  • Select the three numbers you hear by selecting the corresponding number shown to the tight in the keypad.

If you are using hearing aids, we recommend that you take our hearing aid check.

This hearing test does not replace a visit to one of our hearing clinicians and it does not constitute a medical diagnosis.

If you require further information or testing, you can come into one of our clinics for a comprehensive hearing test, audiometry test or audiogram.

We also offer age-appropriate hearing tests and assessments for children.

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