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Qualified audiologists at 20 locations in Perth and the South West

Guided by our mission to enhance the lives of those living with ear and hearing disorders, we are committed to our community, making it easy to access quality ear and hearing services at multiple locations throughout the Perth metro area and down to Bunbury.

At a Lions Hearing Clinic and Ear Science Implant Clinic, you will receive the support and treatment you need based on the latest hearing research. Delivered by qualified Audiologists offering a comprehensive range of hearing services.

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Podcast | The Social and Emotional Impacts of Hearing Loss

In this episode, Audiologist Dr Bec Bennett will share with us some of her latest research into some of the less understood aspects of Hearing Loss. Bec’s research confirms that many people with Hearing Loss experience feelings of loneliness, feeling left out, embarrassment, or worry about hearing or saying the wrong thing. This may also contribute to anxiety or depression.

Do you wear hearing aids? Watch to find out more.

Hearing aids help many people, but as your hearing loss progresses, a cochlear implant may give you the clarity and volume you need to understand speech again.   

Cochlear implants are life-changing devices that can help you hear sounds you no longer hear with your hearing aids, restoring your confidence and connecting you to loved ones. 

Nedlands (Adult) | Audiology and Hearing Aids

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Nedlands (Children) | Peadiatric Audiology, Auditory Processing & Hearing Aids

Located in Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital, QEII Medical Centre Block A, Level 3

Diagnostic hearing assessments for children
Auditory Processing Disorder assessments
Assistive listening devices
Noise protection ear plugs
Swim ear plugs

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Gift of Hearing recipient

Corey Benson received an Oticon Medical Ponto 5 Mini bone conduction implant through the Ear Science Institute Australia’s ‘Change a Life’ initiative.

Corey is a 22-year-old mental health team leader who spends his days making a profound difference in the lives of those in his community.

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