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Protecting your hearing is vital in ensuring you remain connected as noise-induced hearing loss is irreversible; you can’t get it back once it is gone.

Regardless of your age, there are simple practices that you can adopt to protect your ears and prevent noise-induced hearing loss.

Wearing hearing protection in noisy environments is critical in preventing damage to your ears and tinnitus onset. Whether you are attending a concert, working at a construction site, or simply in an environment with loud background noise, you should consider wearing hearing protection such as ear plugs.

Our range of ear plugs are custom made, just for you. We offer ear plugs suited for various specific activities each with their own benefits to ensure you are receiving the most suitable hearing protection for your needs.

Colours Available*

*Colour choices might be limited, depending on material type and brand.

Ear plugs for musicians

As a musician, you need to protect your ears, but being selective with your ear plugs will pay off.

When choosing the right earplug, we will ask you what instrument you play, and where you usually play it. Musicians’ ear plugs contain a special filter that controls the type of noises being reduced and keeps the sound you want to hear from sounding muffled.

Earplugs for swimming

Ear plugs for swimming

Are your children big on swimming?

Swim plugs can help keep the water out of your children’s ears, minimising the risk of infection from leftover water in the canal and helping them get back into the pool faster.

Brands | Phonak & GN Hearing

Earplugs for loud noise

Ear plugs for loud noise

If you are exposed to loud noises, you are at risk of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). NIHL is irreversible but preventable with suitable hearing protection.

Custom ear plugs protect your hearing better than the one-size-fits-all solutions, as they are designed to fit your ears perfectly.

Brands | Phonak & GN Hearing

Ear plugs for sleep

Ear plugs for sleep

If your partner is snoring, it can be hard to fall asleep! Sleep plugs minimise noise distractions at night so you can enjoy a better sleep. These plugs are comfortable to sleep in and will fit securely during the night.

Brands | Phonak & GN Hearing

Ear plugs for communication

Sometimes you need hearing protection, but you also need to communicate with others through a phone or radio – like on noisy construction sites.

Communication plugs start with a custom noise plug, then your audiologist will add an earpiece. The combination of the plug and earpiece protect your ears from noise, whilst maintaining your ability to communicate at the same time.

Brands | Phonak, Pacific Ears & GN Hearing

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