Why Lions Hearing Clinic?

Undetected or untreated hearing loss can affect your wellbeing

From hearing aids to hearing implants, tinnitus and balance services, we provide ongoing support and treatment, commission-free, whilst utilising the world’s leading manufacturer’s devices.

Lions Hearing Clinic is dedicated to helping you improve your hearing and get you back to enjoying the sounds in your life and conversations with loved ones.

As part of Ear Science Institute Australia, Western Australia’s own independent medical research institute dedicated to ear and hearing care, we are the leading hearing care providers with confident, qualified clinicians ready to care for all of your hearing needs.

Your hearing impacts your perception of the world around you.  Hearing loss can isolate you from conversations, and make it difficult to do the things in life that you enjoy, from socialising with friends and family to watching TV.  Addressing your hearing concerns early can minimise the impact hearing loss can cause.

Part of Ear Science Institute Australia

Translating research into the clinic, providing client led hearing care that is backed up by science.

Proudly 100% West Australian

Clinics located in central Perth, north and south of the river as well as in the South West.

Commission free recommendations

All recommendations are totally commission free, offering a complete range of hearing devices.

Longer appointment times

Extra time to understand needs, making recommendations catered to each individual.

Be a part of finding a cure

Our clients are helping us find a cure for hearing loss with profits helping to fund our research.

No GP referral needed

No GP referral is required and Government subsidies available for pensioners & DVA card holders.

Full service hearing care

Full service hearing care, from hearing aids to hearing implants, tinnitus & balance.

Qualified Audiologists

We are the leading hearing care providers with confident, qualified clinicians.

Independent recommendations

Ongoing support & treatment, offering the world’s leading manufacturer’s devices.

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Why choose Lions Hearing Clinic?