Audiology & Hearing Aids in Dunsborough

As part of Ear Science Institute Australia, Western Australia’s own independent medical research institute, Lions Hearing Clinic is dedicated to ear and hearing care. We are the most trusted hearing care providers with confident, qualified clinicians ready to care for all of your hearing needs.

Lion’s Hearing Clinic in Dunsborough provides complete hearing services, ongoing support and commission-free treatments, selected from the world’s leading manufacturer’s devices.

Your hearing impacts your perception of the world around you. Hearing loss can isolate you from conversations and make it difficult to do the things in life that you enjoy, from socialising with friends and family to watching TV.

Lions Hearing Clinic Dunsborough is dedicated to helping you improve your hearing and get you back to enjoying the sounds in your life and conversations with loved ones.

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Our Dunsborough clinic is conveniently located at Seymour house at 7/54 Dunn Bay Road, adjacent to the Dunsborough Medical Centre. The clinic is open Thursdays from 8:30 until 4:30 by appointment only.

Free customer parking, including ACROD bays, are situated directly out the front of the clinic.


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