Our Ambassadors

Our ambassadors support and generously donate their time and influence to raise awareness of hearing health across our community.

Former Australian Cricket Coach of the men’s national team, Justin, has dealt with hearing loss and other hearing-related challenges over the years.  Ita Buttrose is a successful Australian businesswoman, journalist, author and TV personality Ita is using her public profile to advocate for better hearing health for all.


Pledge to be a Healthy Hearing Champion

Healthy Hearing Champions are individuals who share their hearing journey in all sorts of ways with their family, friends and their community.  Together they break down the stigma of hearing loss, helping the community to understand the realities of hearing loss and advocate for healthy hearing.

Our Champions are many and varied but all share a passion for making hearing a priority for our community.  As a Champion, you commit to supporting our research and continue to push for quality hearing care for all.

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