We believe there is no greater advantage than having a committed and loyal team. It is our team members who make our organisation succeed

We provide an environment that is inclusive, supportive and collaborative.  Creating an environment where all our employees feel rewarded, appreciated, and challenged in their chosen careers.

As a purpose-driven organisation, we are looking for people whose values match our own.  We are always looking for talented people, with the right attitude, to join us here at Ear Science.

Current PhD Scholarships

PhD Scholarship with Curtin University

The applications of nanotechnology in the prevention of chemotherapy-induced hearing impairment.

PhD Scholarship with Curtin University

The applications of drugs in enhancing scaffold-associated healing in the middle ear.


Why I love my role at Ear Science

Are you Perth top Audiologists or Audiometrists?

If you are looking at a career with Lions Hearing Clinic, we would love to hear from you.

Join Ear Science Institute Australia, a centre of excellence, enhancing the lives of people with ear and hearing disorders.

Ear Science Institute Australia through Lions Hearing Clinic and Ear Science Implant Clinic offer a full audiological service, a solution and support for every client.

You will be fully supported in a challenging and interactive role with opportunities for professional development.

Under the direction of the Chief Operating Officer, an audiologist herself, you will be responsible for the delivery of evidence based audiological services and encouraged to provide the highest level of client care and have the client at the centre of every decision all in a commission free environment.

You will work with an exceptionally client focused team, many of which have been with the Lions Hearing Clinics for many years.

Please contact Lize Coetzee via our Contact Us form for a confidential conversation about our current opportunities.