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Curing hearing loss

Science needs you

New treatments for hearing loss are only possible because of the willingness of people to participate in our research and clinical trials. Whether you have good hearing or not, your support will help our scientists find new ways to diagnose, prevent, treat and cure hearing loss.

When involved in research, you contribute to your community and help change how hearing services are delivered for current and future generations.

Get involved with the Brain and Hearing team

All the hearing loss treatments you have access to today went through extensive research and clinical trials. You can contribute to current medical research and discover novel treatments and therapies that will benefit future generations.

Our current programs include:

  • A clinical trial to understand the impact of hearing devices on our cognition.
  • Novel tools for audiologists to support clients with the effects of hearing loss on mental well-being.
  • Implementation of new technologies for the ongoing care of cochlear implant recipients.
  • Developing new techniques and tools to support clients with hearing loss.
  • Epidemiology research shows how hearing loss interacts with other health conditions.
Join the Hearing Therapeutics team

Medical research is crucial to improving healthcare; by participating in our research programs, you contribute to the success of finding a potential cure for hearing loss.

Current programs include:

  • Curing hearing loss with our team by re-growing inner ear cells from human skin cells.
  • Development of targeted drug delivery to treat chronic ear infections (otitis media).
  • Progressing a silk-based eardrum that will be used to improve the outcome of surgery to repair perforations.
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Be part of developing new treatments for today and cures for tomorrow.

Is it easy for you to play a part in developing new treatments for today and cures for tomorrow.

When you complete the form our research team may contact you for current and future research projects.

  • You consent to give our research team access to your hearing test results to contribute to a broader knowledge base on the population with hearing loss.
  • We may invite you to participate in a research project to test a new treatment or participate in a Focus Group.

Finally, medical research depends on people like you who choose to support our research financially.

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