Help design a tool to support cochlear implant referrers and people thinking about getting cochlear implants

Researchers at UWA and Ear Science Institute Australia are looking to improve the awareness and uptake of cochlear implants.

Fewer than 10% of Australian adults who need a cochlear implant get one.  The researchers at Ear Science want to improve the uptake of this life-changing technology by providing audiologists with the knowledge, resources and tools to support their discussions with clients.

We invite you to participate in our latest clinical research study at Ear Science Institute Australia. 

This study aims to design a website to provide information and support for audiologists, medical professionals, potential candidates, and their loved ones about cochlear implants.  If you are considering cochlear implants or supporting someone who is – we invite you to participate in this study we are running during March 2023.

What’s involved? 

During a short 30 min in-person interview, you will be presented with a mock-up of this new website.  We will get your opinions and record your interactions with the prototype.

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Cathy Sucher

Project Lead

Dr Cathy Sucher (BSc DipAud MAud AuD)
Cochlear Implant Research Lead
Senior Implant Audiologist

My passion is to improve the lives of hearing-impaired people by combining innovative translational clinical research with my clinical experience and knowledge.