The Science of Healthy Hearing Podcast

Hearing Loss 101

In this episode, Audiologist Jordan Bishop guides us through all our questions in a Hearing 101 session. She will share with us the signs of hearing loss, strategies to protect your hearing, how we can manage hearing loss, manage ear wax and more to help us maintain healthy hearing.

In this episode, you will learn

What are the signs of hearing loss to look out for

What are the causes of hearing loss and how can it be prevented

Strategies to protect your hearing 

How you can manage your hearing loss with simple strategies and devices

How you can maintain healthy ears and hearing

All about ear wax

Jordan Bishop, Audiologist and Community Coordinator at Lions Hearing Clinic

Jordan Bishop is an Audiologist and Community Coordinator at Lions Hearing Clinic. Having worked as an Audiologist for over 9 years Jordan now takes her expertise out of the clinic and into the community as she works to increase awareness of healthy hearing while assisting those in most need of Lions Hearing Clinic services.

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