Is a cochlear implant right for you?

Restoring your confidence

If your hearing aids are not as helpful as you would like, a Cochlear implant may give you the speech clarity to regain your confidence in social situations.

How are cochlear implants different from hearing aids?

Hearing aids help many people by making the sounds they hear louder.   As hearing loss progresses, sounds need to not only be made louder, they need to be made clearer.

Cochlear implants can help you hear sounds you no longer hear with your hearing aids, especially high-frequency sounds (such as grand children and birds singing), and help to give you speech clarity.

A cochlear implant may be for you if you answer YES to any of the below questions:

Mariann’s mind feels sharper after treating hearing loss with a cochlear implant

Cochlear implants are life changing for many of our recipients. How well you do with an implant can depend on many things, everyone is different. Our research shows that the majority of our adult implant recipients report significantly improved hearing in quiet and noise. People with many types of hearing loss could benefit from a cochlear implant. An assessment with Ear Science Implant Clinic is the first step to finding out if this is suitable for you.


Hearing implant journeys

1 out of 3 people over the age of 65 are affected by hearing loss.

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