Your dedicated Hearing Implant Client Support officer

Meet Jody

"I could not hear my children unless they were right in front of me"

Jody was born with significant multigenerational hearing loss, wearing hearing aids since she was young; she knows the benefits of ear and hearing treatments. Jody, her son and her father all experienced varying degrees of hearing loss and are all cochlear implant recipients, experiencing the life-changing emotional, social, educational and professional impacts of hearing devices. Being part of three generations of recipients gives Jody a unique perspective of the beautiful world of hearing through hearing technology.

It wasn’t until Jody became a mother that she realised how much she didn’t hear.

I could not hear my children unless they were right in front of me.

Jody’s father, Leslie, was the first to have a cochlear implant. After seeing the incredible difference in her dad’s life and with the help of her mum’s persuasion, Jodie decided to go down the same path. Jody received simultaneous bilateral implants at the Ear Science Implant Clinic and can now clearly understand the words her loved ones are speaking. Most importantly, she can hear her children, no longer missing the sounds of life.

Your dedicated Hearing Implant Client Support officer

Our dedicated Hearing Implant Client Support officer, Jody is a cochlear implant recipient herself and is available to support your client through each step of the hearing journey.

As a recipient, Jody understands the questions and queries your client may have as they consider a cochlear implant.

Jody can assist with any information regarding the candidacy assessment process, and funding options including private health insurance and can share her experience of having an implant.

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