Lions Van: Bringing Hearing Screening to People in Need

Lack of transport is a barrier to health care for people who are homeless. So, in mid-November, Ear Science was delighted to drive our Lions Hearing Family Van to the Tranby Engagement Hub where Uniting provides crisis support for adults experiencing homelessness in and around the City of Perth. We offered a free hearing check to people who otherwise may not have had access to an audiologist. 

The Lions hearing van team screened more people than expected at Tranby Engagement Hub. Many clients found it reassuring to learn about the process of a hearing check and many were also relieved to receive good news about their hearing health.  

Katie Devlin, Ear Science’s Business Development Manager, valued the opportunity to take the Lions Family Hearing Van to Tranby hub. ‘It was an honor to work alongside the dedicated staff at Uniting and to offer screenings in the community to improve people’s access to hearing health care,’ Katie said about the experience. 

Hearing loss is related to greater social isolation, increased risk of neurocognitive disease and hardship earning an income. We aim for our Lions Hearing Family Van service to help boost the wellbeing of people who are vulnerable to delayed clinical care for hearing loss.  

Staff at Tranby Engagement Hub were grateful for our visit and keen for us to come back again. It’s thanks to the ongoing compassion and support of our donors and dedicated staff that we plan to return.