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The Science of Healthy Hearing Podcast

With over 6,300 downloads of season 1 of our podcast, The Science of Healthy Hearing, we are looking forward to bringing everyone back into our world of ear and hearing research, treatments and education.  Season 2 will be launched to coincide with World Hearing Day for 2023, Friday 3rd March.

The conversation in our first episode for Season 2 ‘A Crisis in Hearing Health’ included the Lead for Hearing Care for the World Health Organization Dr Shelly Chadha, and Ear Science CEO Associate Professor Sandra Bellekom. She gave us many perspectives on hearing health on a local, national and global scale.

In episode two of Season two. we speak with Dr David Sly, Ear Science’s Chief Operating Officer of Research about a phenomenon called Hidden Hearing Loss. This describes the condition when individuals pass their hearing test but still struggle to hear in background noise. We dig into what researchers have discovered and how to get help.

Look out for these future episodes

Perth GP Dr Tommy Lai outlines a GP’s role in caring for your hearing health.

Adj Prof Rob Eikelboom helps us understand how your hearing is related to your overall health and describes what researchers have uncovered about how hearing loss relates to conditions like heart disease and diabetes; some of these connections may surprise you!

Lions Hearing Clinic Audiologist Jordan Bishop sits down in the studio to chat with us about Hearing Loss 101 and answers all the questions you may have about hearing. Jordan covers everything from how we hear, what causes hearing loss and how we can protect our hearing. You will learn so much from Jordan as she shares her knowledge and wisdom in how to manage hearing loss and maintain healthy hearing.

Our season rounds off with a special guest. Reggie Bird, a two-time Big Brother winner, who joins us to share her personal experience of Usher Syndrome, the leading cause of deaf-blindness. Usher Syndrome is one of many genetic causes of hearing loss.  We were so fortunate to have world-leading researchers Dr Elaine Wong and Professor Marcus Atlas on the podcast to share the latest research findings on Usher Syndrome and their quest to unlock the Genetics of Hearing Loss, in the hope for a new treatment or a cure for people like Reggie.