Go for it: the joys & challenges of an audiology researcher

Join Mel Ferguson as she chats with Caitlin Barr about her career in audiology, leadership, balancing motherhood, and why we need to believe in ourselves, work together, speak out when necessary and go for it!

In episode 2 of No Need to Shout, host Dr Caitlin Barr sits down with Dr Mel Ferguson, Associate Professor in Brain and Hearing, Curtin University and Head of Brain and Hearing, Ear Science Institute Australia.

Mel reflects on her journey and motivations in the audiology field, her experience with leadership, and the importance of collaborating in the workplace.

“Think about what you want, think about where you want to be, and see how far you can get – just go for it!”

She also debunks the mystique around research and explains how it isn’t as far removed from the clinical world as many people think.

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