Rob Eikelboom

BE (WAIT), MApplSc (Curtin), PhD (UWA)
Lead Investigator
Adjunct Professor, University of Western Australia
Adjunct Professor, University of Pretoria


My entry into research was driven by curiosity in why things are the way they are, and a wonderful mentor in my undergraduate years, the late Dr Bill Honig.

Rob Eikelboom completed his undergraduate degree in electronic engineering when he caught the bug of bio-medical research. His early work in a visual psychophysics lab at UWA led him to a PhD in imaging of the retinal nerve fibre layer and then post-doctoral work in imaging and telehealth at the Lions Eye Institute.

His research at the Ear Science Institute Australia since 2001 has focused improving clinical practice, be it using telehealth, being better able to predict outcomes after hearing aids or hearing implants, or using epidemiology to understand the risks for hearing loss.

Dr Eikelboom has published over 200 research papers and 11 book chapters, and is closely involving the supervision and mentorship of post-graduate students.

Dr Eikelboom is the Deputy Director of ESIA’s WHO Collaborating Centre for Ear and Hearing Care, and is a member of Scientific Committee of the Busselton Population Medical Research Institute. He also has adjunct appointments at The University of Western Australia; the University of Pretoria, South Africa; and Curtin University, Perth.

Areas of research
  • Ageing
  • Epidemiology
  • Hearing rehabilitation
  • Hearing & mental health
Top publications

Tao KFM, Swanepoel DW, Brennan-Jones CG, Jayakody DMP, Moriera TC, Coetzee L, Eikelboom RH. Teleaudiology hearing aid fitting follow-up consultations for adults: a single blinded randomised control trial and cohort study. International Journal of Audiology.

Lawrence BJ, Jayakody DMP, Bennett RJ, Eikelboom RH, Gasson N, Friedland PL. Hearing loss and depression in older adults: A systematic review and meta-analysis. The Gerontologist. 60(3):e137-154; 2020.

Ebrahimi-Madiseh A, Eikelboom RH, Bennett RJ, Upson GS, Friedland P, Swanepoel DW, Psarros C, Lai WK, Atlas MD. What influences decision-making for cochlear implantation in adults? Exploring barriers and drivers from a multi-stakeholder perspective. Ear and Hearing. 41(6):1752-1763; 2020.

Bennett RJ, Meyer CJ, Ryan B, Eikelboom RH. How do audiologists respond to emotional and psychological concerns raised in the audiology setting? Three case vignettes. Ear and Hearing.

Tan HE, Santa Maria PL, Wijesinghe P, Kennedy B, Allardyce BJ, Eikelboom RH, Atlas MD, Dilley RJ. Optical Coherence Tomography of the Tympanic Membrane and Middle Ear: A Review. Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery. 159(3):424-438; 2018.

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