Ear Science Institute Australia | 2021 Impact Report

At Ear Science, our team knows that hearing is important.

For a mother to hear her baby’s first words,
For children to hear their friends laughing at a joke,
To hear the words, “I love you”,
For our future leaders to get the education they need to be an Engineer or to be our next Prime Minister when they grow up,
For our business executives to hear in the board room, and
For families to say goodbye when the comes.

Our Institute continues to grow sustainably with 10% revenue growth year on year (almost 50% in the last five years); our clinician-led research has been successful with a 500% increase in grant income in the same period.  As success begets success, our work has attracted a 40% increase in philanthropic support, with an average of 8% growth year on year.

Thank everyone who has contributed to our 2021 Impact Report, including our scientists, clinicians, corporate teams, and clients whose stories we share.

Our annual impact report is a celebration of the last 20 years of Ear Science Institute Australia and highlights some of our milestones as we enhance the lives of people with ear and hearing disorders worldwide.

21 Impact Report