Podcast S2 Episode 1 | A Global Hearing Health Crisis

In this episode Technical Lead for Ear and Hearing Health at the World Health Organisation, Dr Shelly Chadha discusses the hearing health crisis. 

Dr Shelly Chadha, highlights the crisis in hearing health that the world is facing and what the WHO in their 2023 campaign “Hearing Care for All, Let’s Make it a Reality” is doing to helping address the crisis.

In this episode, you will learn

The global, regional and local status of ear health, inequities in access to hearing health care for developing and developed countries, and how WHO on World Hearing Day are working to remedy this. 

How Ear Science as a WHO World Collaborating Centre for Ear and Hearing Health, is working in partnership to address the crisis in hearing health 


Resources mentioned

WHO Prevention of Deafness & Hearing Loss Report

WHO Resolution

World Hearing Day

World Report on Hearing

Hearing Aid Bank

All Ears Cambodia, Indonesia

Season 2, Episode 6 | “The genetics of Hearing Loss”

About Dr Shelly Chadha

Dr Shelly Chadha is responsible for WHO’s work on prevention of deafness and hearing loss including advocacy for prioritisation of hearing care; technical support to countries for development of hearing care strategies and relevant tools.

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