The Science of Health Hearing | Ear Science Podcast

The Ear Science Institute Australia team has been working behind the scenes on our very first podcast, The Ear Science Podcast, The Science of Healthy Hearing!

Launching in early 2022, we are excited to bring you into our world, the world of ear and hearing science.

Together with an expert guest, our hosts will discuss the latest research and what it means to you. We will take a deep dive into topics that will help you better understand why hearing and ear health is essential for your physical and mental wellbeing.

During her podcast recording session, Audiologist and researcher Dr Bec Bennett shared some timely advice about how good communication is everyone’s responsibility and how to ensure our loved ones remain engaged and involved during family celebrations.

It is an important reminder as we prepare for family gatherings to ensure they are hearing friendly.

Click to listen | Communication is everyone’s responsibility


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Enjoy the Beautiful Sounds of Christmas

Your Grandkids laughing, enjoying the Christmas Carols, chatting with friends at BBQs or with family over Christmas lunch.

The team at Lions Hearing Clinic wants to make sure you don’t miss out this Christmas. We have a few handy hints to help you enjoy this festive time.

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