Merry ‘hearing’ Christmas

Share the gift of hearing this Christmas.

Enjoy the beautiful sounds of Christmas

Your Grandkids laughing, enjoying the Christmas Carols, chatting with friends at BBQs or with family over Christmas lunch.

The team at Lions Hearing Clinic wants to make sure you don’t miss out this Christmas.  We have a few handy hints to help you enjoy this festive time!

This festive season with every hearing aid fitted Lions Hearing Foundation Aid Bank will donate a hearing aid.

4 tips for hearing well this Christmas time

1 | Location, location, location

True for real estate and true at the dinner table.

Try to select a seat in the centre of the dinner table so you can see and hear people on either side of you.  If you can see everyone’s faces clearly that will help during animated group conversations.

If you are celebrating Christmas at home, this will be easy but if you are enjoying Christmas at a restaurant, try to call ahead and ask for a table on the edge of the room where you can sit facing a wall, and in a quieter part of the venue (if possible). With the noise behind you, the natural shape of your ear and/or your hearing aids (if you wear them) will help to filter out the sounds from behind you and help you focus on the sounds in front of you.

HEALTHY HEARING TIP | Try not to sit with your back against the wall.

2 | Lower the music volume

We don’t want to be a Christmas Grinch, but to help you hear the conversations it is a good idea to keep the volume of your music on the lower side.

3 | Just like the Scouts – be prepared

If you wear a hearing device do a quick check the day before:

  1. Is my hearing device all in good working order?
  2. Do I need batteries? Or have I fully charged my device?
  3. Change the filters
  4. Check tubing is clear of wax.

Consider taking a few spare batteries and/or your charger with you- just in case.

4 | Practice makes perfect

If you have just received new hearing aids, just like a new pair of shoes, we recommend you wear them in.

This can be as simple as wearing the device as much as possible when you are at home with familiar people and surroundings. If you notice any discomfort, pain or frustration, get in contact with your Lions Hearing Audiologist to get that fixed.

HEALTHY HEARING TIP | When you wear your hearing device, you are re-training your brain and you may reduce your risk of dementia | READ MORE

Modern technology in digital hearing aids does more than amplify sounds.  They are specifically designed to filter out unwanted noise which will help you focus on speech, reduce background noise and cut back on distortion.

Share the gift of hearing this Christmas

All Ears Cambodia

As part of our Give the Gift of Hearing campaign we’ve partnered with All Ears Cambodia to provide refurbished hearing aids to children in need through the Lions Hearing Aid Bank.

Enjoy the beautiful sounds of Christmas

Try the latest devices with background noise minimisation to help you focus on the people & the conversations you love the most this festive period.

Book your hearing aid fitting today.

Enjoy the beautiful sounds of Christmas

Indonesia Rare Disorders

To ensure that we send our refurbished hearing aids to locations that are equipped to fit the devices correctly, we work with organisations like Indonesia Rare Disorder who can follow up with the clients for replacement batteries, moulds, cleaning and servicing.

Regain control of your hearing this festive season

Start your own healthy hearing journey with this online hearing test to help you identify difficulties with understanding speech in background noise.

  1. You will be asked for your year of birth and your preferred language
  2. Try to find a quiet space and decide if you will use your device speakers or headphones
  3. Set the volume to a comfortable level
  4. You will hear 23 sets of numbers, always in groups of three, while background static noise plays
  5. The volume will increase and decrease as you move through the test
  6. Select the three numbers you hear by selecting the corresponding number shown to the right of the keypad.

If you are using hearing aids, we recommend that you take our hearing aid check.

This hearing test does not replace a visit to one of our hearing clinicians and it does not constitute a medical diagnosis. If you require further information or testing you can come into one of our clinics for a comprehensive hearing test, audiometry test or audiogram. We also offer a hearing test for kids!

If you think that you are experiencing hearing loss and require a targeted hearing test book an appointment today.

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