David Sly

David Sly

Chief Operating Officer | Research


Growing up I had three main passions, medical science & technology, entrepreneurship and singing. Although these areas may seem worlds apart, they come together around my work in hearing science. I love uncovering fundamentals of how hearing works and translating this into discoveries and devices to help others appreciate the world of sound around them.

Dr David Sly is the Chief Operating Officer of Research at the Ear Science Institute Australia. He is an auditory neuroscientist and innovator experienced in leading large teams of engineers and scientists in developing medical and auditory-related technology.

Dr Sly has led research in hearing loss and protection, sound localisation, augmented hearing technology, nerve degeneration and cochlear implants for both University and Industry.

Before Ear Science, he led teaching in Clinical Technologies and Neuroscience at Swinburne University of Technology for six years. Previously he was Deputy Head of the Department of Otolaryngology at The University of Melbourne, working with surgeons, scientists, audiologists and engineers in developing technologies and drug-based treatments for hearing loss.

He has extensive leadership roles in teaching, research and working with industry and the formation of spin-off companies. He has received a University teaching award, led course program development and received several commercialisation startup awards.