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Hear the Ones You Love

Your hearing greatly impacts your perception of the world around you and your relationships. Hearing loss can isolate you from conversations with friends, family and in the workplace. It can also make it difficult to do the things in life that you enjoy, from socialising with friends and family, to watching TV. Lions Hearing Clinics are dedicated to helping you improve your hearing and get back to enjoying the sounds in your life and conversations with loved ones. 

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Technology Available

Discover different ways to improve your hearing and how we may be able to help you, from hearing aids to 100% invisible hearing devices to other alternatives.

Signs of hearing loss

Sometimes the signs of hearing loss can be subtle. Find out if your loved one is displaying the signs of hearing loss.

NEW Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Learn more about the new rechargeable hearing aids that eliminate the need for you to change batteries and allow you to recharge and go!

Children's hearing

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About us

We are not-for-profit, commission-free, qualified audiologists and dedicated to helping people hear the ones they love. Discover why your hearing is in safe hands with us.

Other Alternatives

There are other alternatives called Assisted Listening Devices that can enhance your hearing experience either with or without the use of hearing aids.

Doctor's Referral Not Needed

Anyone can come to a Lions Hearing Clinic for a hearing test and to discover new ways to hear. Whilst a referral from your GP is not required, we always encourage our patients to chat to us or your doctor if you would like to find out more about hearing health.

Not for Profit and Commission Free

All of our qualified clinicians are commission-free and we are part of the not-for-profit organisation Ear Science Institute Australia. If you would like to see where the money goes when you buy a hearing aid from a Lions Hearing Clinic, browse our website and check out our latest research into ear and hearing health.