The mental wellbeing of children with hearing loss

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Hearing loss places a large burden on many aspects of life. This is a particular challenge for school children as they develop their language, communication and social skills. Research from Ear Science and others has shown that children with a hearing loss have a greater risk of mental health problems, particularly increased anxiety.

Ear Science and our collaborators at the Telethon Kids Institute and the WA Department of Education received funding from Healthway in 2016 to conduct a 3 year study to develop and test an intervention for children with a hearing loss. This primary focus will be on those with a permanent hearing loss who use a hearing aid or cochlear implant. Forums with children will be used to better understand the challenges they face, and to determine how best to intervene. Following this, an intervention will be developed which will support children in challenging situations they may face with their peers and teachers.


Chris Brennan-Jones, Rob Eikelboom, Gemma Upson, Marcus Atlas in collaboration with Telethon Kids Institute.