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Clinical research at Ear Science strives to improve the quality of care for all people with hearing loss. The multi-disciplinary team focusses on translating the findings of research into clinical practice. This is achieved through the development of treatment and management protocols, understanding barriers to effective treatment, testing and creating devices, developing surgical techniques, and epidemiology.

Our clinical research team works closely with the ear surgeons, audiologists and scientists from our clinic services team, such as Lions Hearing Clinics and Ear Science Clinic. It is also associated with the Ear Science Centre, School of Surgery, The University of Western Australia. 

Honours and PhD/Masters students have the opportunity to join Ear Science research in investigating the clinical research projects below. If you are an Honours or Post Graduate researcher and would like to apply to join a project, please email including: current CV, research topic, academic transcript and ensure you meet the application guidelines.

Current Projects

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