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World class hearing research

Research at Ear Science Institute Australia strives to improve the quality of life of all people impacted by ear disease and hearing impairment. Through leading research in stem cell biology, regenerative medicine and tissue engineering, Ear Science endeavours to find new solutions to the issues faced by the one in six Australians who live with hearing loss. With robust and dynamic links between researchers and clinicians, Ear Science’s research team is dedicated to the overall vision of finding a cure to hearing loss. 

Ear Science Institute Australia’s research has two main areas of activity; basic research and clinical research.  Ear Science’s basic research investigates the biology of the hearing system at a molecular and cellular level and the development of new treatments. Clinical research at Ear Science investigates clinical outcomes, epidemiology, improving the delivery of ear and hearing health services and translating research findings into clinical practice. 

Our research is facilitated by close working relationships between our clinicians, patients, researchers and collaborations with other leaders in hearing health research around the globe. Ear Science Research is also closely associated with the Ear Science Centre, School of Surgery, The University of Western Australia.