Lawrence Liew

BSc.(Hons), MSc
PhD Student
Research Assistant


Lawrence Liew joined the Ear Science Institute of Australia in 2013 as a research assistant. Lawrence has investigated the role of stem cells in tympanic membrane healing and co-developed a chronic rat tympanic membrane model. He is also involved in the biocompatibility testing of Clear drum prototypes in animals. In 2018, Lawrence started his PhD through ESIA at UWA Medical School. His PhD project is focused on the cellular biology of the tympanic membrane and the underlying healing mechanism.

Areas of research
  • Discovery through to translation
  • Wound healing, tissue repair & fibrosis
  • Drug discovery
Top publications

Liew, Lawrence J., Allen Y. Wang, and Rodney J. Dilley. “Isolation of epidermal progenitor cells from rat tympanic membrane.” In Progenitor Cells, pp. 247-255. Humana, New York, NY, 2019.

Liew, Lawrence J., Linda Q. Chen, Allen Y. Wang, Magnus Von Unge, Marcus D. Atlas, and Rodney J. Dilley. “Tympanic membrane derived stem cell-like cultures for tissue regeneration.” Stem cells and development 27, no. 10 (2018): 649-657.

Liew, Lawrence J., Richard M. Day, and Rodney J. Dilley. “Tympanic membrane organ culture using cell culture well inserts engrafted with tympanic membrane tissue explants.” BioTechniques 62, no. 3 (2017): 109-114.

Liew, Lawrence J., Huan Ting Ong, and Rodney J. Dilley. “Isolation and culture of adipose-derived stromal cells from subcutaneous fat.” In Fibrosis, pp. 193-203. Humana Press, New York, NY, 2017.

Di Giuseppe, Michael, Nicholas Law, Braeden Webb, Ryley A. Macrae, Lawrence J. Liew, Timothy B. Sercombe, Rodney J. Dilley, and Barry J. Doyle. “Mechanical behaviour of alginate-gelatin hydrogels for 3D bioprinting.” Journal of the mechanical behavior of biomedical materials 79 (2018): 150-157.

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