Lawrence Liew

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Lawrence Liew

BSc (Hons), MSc

Lawrence Liew is a research scientist with an interest in stem cell biology and tissue engineering.

Lawrence completed his Master of Science (research) from The University of Western Australia in 2012 and joined Ear Science Institute Australia in 2013 as a research assistant. Lawrence has investigated the role of stem cells in tympanic membrane (eardrum) healing and co-developed a chronic model for tympanic membrane perforation.

Besides that, Lawrence was also involved in tissue engineering and biomaterial research where he has cultured and studied the characteristics of adult stem cells on scaffold materials such as silk. His work has been published in several international journals.

In 2018, Lawrence decided to continue his research journey as a PhD student though Ear Sciences Centre at The University of Western Australia Medical School. His supervisors are Adjunct Associate Professor Rodney Dilley and Winthrop Professor Marcus Atlas. His PhD project is focused on the cellular biology of the tympanic membrane and the underlying healing mechanism.

Top publication:

Liew LJ, Chen LQ, Wang AY, von Unge M, Atlas MD, Dilley RJ. Tympanic membrane derived stem cell-like cultures for tissue regeneration. Stem Cells and Development. 2018;27(10):649-57.