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Are you interested in a career in medical research?

Do you want to change lives through your achievements?

Ear Science Institute Australia has exciting opportunities for honours and PhD students to build their careers in scientific research. Studying at our Ear Science research division you will be involved with innovative and translational research, focused on solving the problems faced by people with ear and hearing disorders.

Supported by researchers and clinicians with extensive experience, eligible applicants will work in leading areas of research including stem cell biology, hearing regeneration and tissue engineering.  Masters and PhD level projects are available in disciplines such as molecular and cellular biology, clinical service delivery, computer science, international health and epidemiology.
Click here for the full list of basic and clinical research topics.

Successful applicants will gain access to Ear Science’s worldwide collaborative network consisting of researchers and companies across Australia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. Research will be conducted in Ear Science’s state-of-the-art laboratory facilities at the $38 million Sarich Neuroscience Institute.

Funding and scholarships are available. Your research supervisors will discuss these options if you are a successful applicant.

If you would like to apply for an Honours or Post Graduate position in Ear Science research, please email research@earscience.org.au including a CV, research topic, academic transcript and ensure you meet the application guidelines.