Matthew Zimmermann

Paul McIlhiney

BSc (Hons), PhD Candidate
Research Assistant


Paul completed his Bachelor of Science in Psychology at the University of Western Australia (UWA) in 2017, achieving First Class Honours.

More recently at UWA, he submitted his PhD thesis on the relationship between executive function and susceptibility to corrected misinformation and is awaiting examination.  At Ear Science, he is currently working on projects investigating the relationship between hearing loss, cognitive function, and mental health in indigenous and non-indigenous Australians.

Paul is interested in a relatively wide range of topics, including memory, decision-making, cognition, neuropsychology, misinformation, perceptual psychology, mental health, and psychometrics.

He hopes to explore all these areas of interest in his future work.

Areas of research
  • Cognition and hearing, and
  • Wellbeing and mental health
Top publications

Ecker, U. K., Sanderson, J. A., McIlhiney, P., Rowsell, J. J., Quekett, H. L., Brown, G. D., & Lewandowsky, S. (2022). Combining refutations and social norms increases belief change. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 0(0).

McIlhiney, P., Gignac, G. E., Weinborn, M., & Ecker, U. K. (2022). Sensitivity to misinformation retractions in the continued influence paradigm: Evidence for stability. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 75(7), 1259–1271.

McIlhiney, P., Gignac, G. E., Ecker, U. K. H., Kennedy, B. L., & Weinborn, M. (2022, June 3). Executive Function and the Continued Influence of Misinformation: A Latent Variable Analysis.

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