How can I get my clients to wear their hearing aids? | Bec Bennett

Ear Science Researcher, Dr Bec Bennett, presented her research on the barriers and facilitators to hearing aid use to researchers and clinicians attending the 52nd Australian Association of Gerontology Conference, in Sydney.

Over 700 people attended the conference to listen intently to the current research on ageing. Guest speakers included Baroness Sally Greengross OBE, Robert Tickner AO, and Professor Kathy Eagar.

Dr Bennett’s long-term research into barriers for hearing aid use has shed light on the real-world problems clients face when learning to use a hearing aid. Dr Bennett has developed a clinical survey (the HASKI) used by hearing aid owners and clinics around the world to evaluate the hearing aid skills and knowledge required for optimal hearing aid use.

Dr Bennett’s research was well received, and the conference provided a wonderful opportunity for networking and building collaborations for future projects further exploring the importance of hearing in the healthy ageing process.