Podcast S2 Episode 8 | Tinnitus with the Purple Pen podcast

For this episode of The Science of Healthy Hearing, we are doing something a little bit different.

Recently, Lions Hearing Clinic Audiologist Pia Nairn was interviewed for the Purple Pen Podcast about Tinnitus.

Pia specialises in helping clients with management and treatment of Tinnitus. In our clinics we see clients every day who are struggling with hearing loss and one common issue is Tinnitus.

There is a perception among the community, including the medical community, that “there is no cure for tinnitus”, and while that is true, we know there are treatment options that can greatly reduce its impact in daily life.

At Ear Science, we believe that science backed by research and education are key to shifting attitudes and changing mindsets.

In this episode, you will learn

The role of an Audiologist in helping their clients to understand what tinnitus is, what causes it and how to implement strategies to manage it.

When a client works with an Audiologist the impact of tinnitus on daily life can be greatly reduced. 

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About the Purple Pen podcast

The Purple Pen Podcast – named for the pen colour of choice for hospital pharmacists – is a podcast produced for, but not limited to, pharmacists and health professionals.

With a plethora of content available online, our podcast aims to update listeners on the latest evidence as each episode takes a deep-dive into a specialist subject via long-form interviews with leading experts.

The podcast provides a platform for these exceptional Australian clinicians to share their knowledge. The result is a podcast enjoyed by thousands of people across the world since 2016.

Purple Pen Podcast is fully independent, being run and produced by Kristin and Natalie – both leaders in Australian clinical pharmacy – in their spare time, with topics that are often the result of suggestions by its active subscriber base. Operating in this manner, the Purple Pen remains relevant and without bias.

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