Four audiologists discuss their passion for their specialist areas | Tinnitus, balance & New hearing tech

Four Lions Hearing Clinic audiologists will help more people hear the ones they love as they undertake new speciality areas.

Responding to an open invitation for training in an area they’re passionate about, audiologists Ellen Putland, Sasha Benatar, Steffanie Cohen and Michael De Luca put forward their subjects of choice.

Sasha takes time with tinnitus

Sasha is specialising in tinnitus care. Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, is experienced by 97% of people, but sometimes becomes bothersome.

“I am excited and motivated to develop the counselling skills necessary to work with tinnitus patients. Over the past year, I have become more confident in this area and feel very passionate about helping reduce the negative impact of tinnitus on an individual’s quality of life.”

Ellen is passionate about a better balance

Ellen is taking on a new role in balance, working with people who suffer from dizziness and vertigo. Imbalance can be debilitating, causing stomach pains, nausea, and disturbances indigestion, while draining your energy and taking you away from daily activities.

“I have always been interested in diagnostics, and I was lucky to be able to attend a university with their own vestibular clinic. We often come across individuals with dizziness and vertigo symptoms in the clinic and I have always wanted to be more involved in the investigation of these issues. Vestibular dysfunction can be quite debilitating.”

Michael believes in the power of new tech

Michael is passionate about using the latest hearing technology for patients. Michael is training to use Lyric, a tiny, hidden hearing device that sits in the ear canal. Lyric is a popular choice for people who prefer not to have visible hearing aids.

“Lyric is a device that is different to a conventional hearing aid, which can prove to be extremely beneficial for the clients who go for them. Being able to fit Lyric will enable us to offer another option to get our clients hearing better. As you see Lyric clients regularly, you can also build a really good working relationship with them.”

Steff provides patients with more choices

Steff will be working with Lyric, too – and for Steff, it’s about providing patients with more choices, then working with them as they grow used to the device.

“I have been motivated towards Lyric so that I can provide my patients with a more diverse range of hearing solutions and to be able to follow my patients through the whole fitting process.”