Hearing and Tinnitus Advice Line

You’ve heard us talking about #FlatteningTheCurveOnLoneliness for people with hearing loss. Today, we’re launching a new phone service to help.

While you’ve been social distancing, you may have noticed a few new things about yourself. Maybe you’ve re-discovered an old hobby, like Extreme Ironing (We’re not judging. Google it!). Maybe you’ve realised who you want to make time for in your life. Or maybe you’ve noticed you had trouble hearing your loved ones every time you made a Skype call.

We want to ensure that, though many of us need to stay home, we are not without connection.

Launching today, the new Hearing and Tinnitus Advice Line puts you in touch with one of our hearing specialists – the lovely individuals at Lions Hearing Clinic who come to work with us every day.

They’ve made time to answer your questions – except maybe those ones about Extreme Ironing. Plus, any hearing advice we give is backed by research, and we never accept commissions.

Call 1300 847 395 and ask to speak to a hearing specialist at the Hearing and Tinnitus Advice Line.