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Scientists join forces to tackle Usher Syndrome
Scientists at the Lions Eye Institute and Ear Science Institute Australia are one step closer to developing personalised therapies for Usher syndrome, the most common form of inherited deaf-blindness, thanks…
Helping Older People Feel Happier
Researchers at Ear Science helped create an educational resource for aged-care workers to support their clients with hearing loss that might be contributing to them feeling sad.Hearing loss is a…
Cochlear Implant | FAQs
Your hearing won't heal itself, we can help.Thousands of Australians could benefit hugely from a hearing implant. Can you believe that only a little more than 8% of those that…
Wearing a mask with hearing aids
Wearing a face mask with hearing loss is challenging. COVID-19 has made wearing a face mask part of our daily life, making communication with others even more difficult for those…