Hearing implant mentor program

Supporting you through your implant journey

Ear Science Implant Clinic offers a mentor program to allow you to speak with someone who understands how you are feeling and has been through the hearing implant journey.

About our mentors

Our mentors volunteer their time to share their experiences and their journey as a recipient of a hearing implant. With first-hand experience, the knowledge of our mentors is invaluable and will help you on your own hearing implant journey.

Ear Science Implant Clinic is very fortunate and grateful that so many of our recipients have chosen to volunteer their time, share their stories and their experiences.

Whether you are beginning to learn about the implantable options available to you, planning to undergo surgery, or have just received an implant, our mentors are there to provide information and support at each step.

Benefits of having a mentor

  • First-hand knowledge of each step in the process of receiving an implant
  • Improved confidence about whether an implant is the right choice for you
  • Practical advice about managing and using the device
  • Someone who truly understands what you are going through and can provide you with the support you may need

What a mentor can help you with

  • Understanding the decision-making process
  • Forming realistic expectations for yourself and your family
  • Preparing for what it’s like to hear with a cochlear or bone conduction implant
  • Understanding how a hearing implant may change your and your family’s lives
  • Answering any questions you have

Considering an implant?

Your mentor may discuss with you:

  • What to expect before and after surgery
  • What to expect once the implant has been switched-on for the first time, including what it sounds like, how long it took them to get used to the sound, how much they wear the implant each day, the benefit they have experienced with the implant

Already received your implant?

Your mentor may discuss with you:

  • How they maximised the benefit of their implant and the importance of following the rehabilitation program
  • How long it took to get used to the sound
  • How long they wear the implant sound processor each day
  • The benefits they have experienced with the implant
  • Tips and advice for looking after your implant sound processor

More information?

Contact Jody, our Hearing Implant Client Support Officer, on 1300 847 395

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