Implant Support Morning Tea

Cochlear Implant Candidate Morning Tea
10 April 2024 Subiaco, WA

If you are a cochlear implant candidate, we invite you to join us for our next support & information session.

Our Senior Implant Audiologist and Client Support Officer will present, along with a special guest, who will share their implant experience.

Join us for this informal session to learn more about how you can improve your hearing and understand conversations with more clarity while celebrating cochlear implants, which have given hundreds of thousands of people around the world access to sound.

Event details

Date | Wednesday 10th April 2024

Time | Doors open 10am to 12pm

Location | Level 2, 1 Salvado Rd Subiaco

RSVP | Friday 5th April 2024

Light refreshments will be available.

Paid parking is available.

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Mentor Program

Ear Science Implant Clinic offers a mentor program to allow you to speak with someone who understands your feelings and has been through the hearing implant journey.

Our Mentors are kind, caring people who are happy to volunteer their time and share their experiences to support you.

What a mentor can help you with

  • Understanding the decision-making process
  • Forming realistic expectations for yourself and your family
  • Preparing for what it’s like to hear with a cochlear or bone conduction implant
  • Understanding how a hearing implant may change your and your family’s lives
  • Answering any questions you have

Want more information?

Contact Jody, our Hearing Implant Client Support Officer, on 1300 847 395

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A dedicated hearing or cochlear Implant Coordinator will guide and support each person through their individualised hearing implant journey.

With the choice of surgeon, hearing implant technology, and surgery time, start a conversation about hearing implants or cochlear implants with the Ear Science Implant Clinic today.

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