Support Groups

Ear Science Clinic provides its patients with access to several support groups.

YAWI (Young Adults With Implants)

The Young Adults With Cochlear Implants group includes young adults ages 18 to 30 years of age who wear a cochlear implant or have a severe to profound hearing loss and may become cochlear implant users at a later stage. At our informal meetings general topics of interest are discussed such as the latest technology, coping with a hearing loss at work and how to deal with the telephone, study help available for hearing impaired students, and playing sports with a cochlear implant device, to name a few. There is much discussion and chances to socialise within the group.

Some of our attendees use speech reading and Auslan and we have a YAWI member that can act as an interpreter. If you are interested in joining the YAWI group or need more information, please contact us or call us on 08 6380 4944.

CISS (Career Cochlear Implant Support Society)

Suitable for ages 30 years to 60 years. The CISS is a new support group for cochlear recipients (and anyone considering a cochlear implant) in employment or study. The CISS aims to support our members to navigate a range of employment and study issues unique to those who wear cochlear implants. Meetings are casual and friendly affairs held in cafes around Perth. Current members are experienced cochlear users and can provide advice, support or just a friendly ear (with a cochlear implant attached). For more information please contact us or click here to connect with the group on Facebook.

CICADA (Cochlear Implant Club and Advisory Association)

CICADA is a well established support group for cochlear implantees. The group meets for regular day and evening meetings. The evening meetings are done in collaboration with Ear Science Clinic. Members generally enjoy an informative and interactive presentation before socialising with both new and old members. The meetings provide an excellent opportunity for those individuals who are considering implants to meet and discuss their hearing journey with implantees.

Those who are interested in attending the CICADA meetings at Ear Science Clinic, please contact us or call us on 08 6380 4944.

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