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Ear Science Institute Australia offers a diverse range of career opportunities for talented, skilled and outstanding candidates to join the team. 

Established in 2001, Ear Science Institute Australia has expanded rapidly into a world-renowned medical research facility. A not-for-profit organisation dedicated to improving the lives of those with ear and hearing disorders, we have brought together researchers, audiologists, surgeons, clinicians, academics and business strategists to participate in our vision. United by a philanthropic philosophy to serve all people with ear and hearing disorders, Ear Science offers a wide range of career opportunities spanning a wide range of fields. 

Career Opportunities at Ear Science:

Clinical Service Opportunities at Ear Science:  

Locally, Ear Science provides clinical services to nearly 50,000 Western Australians through our Lions Hearing Clinics and Ear Science Clinics.

Headed by Lize Coetzee, our Clinical Services team are dedicated to providing our patients with the very best care and to focus on people, not sales. To find out more about Lize and her story click here

As a not-for-profit organisation that is completely commission free, funds generated by our Lions Hearing Clinics are reinvested back into ear and hearing research. With a commitment to Ear Science’s not-for-profit values, Lions Hearing Clinics' audiologists and audiometrists practice needs-based care. This ensures they are able to focus on providing our patients with the very best service and only recommended the devices that will suit their needs. 

Audiologists at Ear Science spend an average of six years studying to be qualified and are supported with ongoing education and training provided through our Lions Hearing Clinics. If you are an Audiologist or Audiometrist and prefer to practice patient-centred care, please contact us. To provide an expression of interest in joining our clinical team, email a resume and cover letter to

Research Opportunities at Ear Science:

Research at Ear Science Institute Australia has two main areas of focus; basic research and clinical research. Ear Science’s basic research investigates the biology of the hearing system at a molecular and cellular level and the development of new treatments. Clinical research at Ear Science investigates clinical outcomes, epidemiology, improving the delivery of ear and hearing health services and translating research findings into clinical practice. Research projects at Ear Science have attracted over $4 million of Grant Funding, and researchers at Ear Science are supported with scholarships for travel conferences and professional development.

If you are an academic, PhD student, research assistant or Masters student with an interest in clinical or basic hearing research, we want to hear from you. To provide an Expression of Interest in Ear Science Research projects, please email a resume and cover letter to or to view our latest scholarships and Honours and post-graduate opportunities, please click here 

Voluntary Positions at Ear Science

Our Ear Science researchers are always searching for volunteers to help contribute to the latest hearing research. Depending on the project, volunteers could participate in a range of interactive activities including; hearing tests and brain games on a computer.

To volunteer to participate in Ear Science research, please email

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Masters and PhD Scholarships

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