Live with Ear Science Panel


Live with Ear Science

The team at Ear Science shared our groundbreaking ear and hearing research as we work towards one day finding a cure for hearing loss.

  • New & exciting hearing therapeutics and drug developments are edging us ever closer to a cure for hearing loss.
  • The impact of hearing loss and subsequent benefits of these cutting-edge discoveries and developments.
  • The answer to the all to common question . . . should I wait for a cure or should I seek treatment now?
  • The innovation involved on the road to a future free of hearing loss

The University of Western Australia and Ear Science Institute Australia are conducting a clinical trial to discover if we can reduce cognitive decline by treating hearing loss with hearing aids.

We are calling for new participants for the HearCog clinical trial.  We are looking for 300 West Australians who are over 70 with hearing loss and have not used hearing aids before.

Everyone will receive a screening hearing assessment and a memory assessment.

Participants who meet the criteria for our study will get a pair of hearing aids and a comprehensive rehabilitation & maintenance plan.

The commitment we ask for is 10 hours over two years, including a 2-hour appointment every six months, over that period.

If you or your family member is over 70 years of age and has hearing loss, we would love to ‘hear’ from them.

To find out more, get in touch with the HearCog team at Ear Science Institute Australia team on 0409 623 367.

Professor Marcus Atlas
Founding Director & Surgeon Scientist, Ear Science Institute Australia

Professor Marcus Atlas has held the Garnett Passe and Rodney William Memorial Foundation Chair in Otolaryngology, The University of Western Australia (UWA) from 2000 to early 2018.  He is an Emeritus Professor at UWA in recognition of his service to the University and the Foundation Director of Ear Science Institute Australia and the Ear Sciences Centre at UWA.  He has an international reputation in ear and skull base surgery, establishing a large multidisciplinary skull base surgery unit and a new cochlear implant clinic.  Under his directorship, Ear Science Institute Australia has grown from small beginnings in 2001 into a medical research institute employing 140 clinicians, scientists, audiologists and students in two new buildings focused on translational research, clinical service and education.

Associate Professor Hani Al-Salami
Head of Hearing Therapeutics, Ear Science Institute Australia

A/Prof Hani Al-Salami has been recruited to Ear Science’s team for his expertise in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals and a track record in the development of innovative drugs now available worldwide. He is an AHPRA registered AU and NZ pharmacist, a clinician, an academic, and a Program Lead in Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Sciences at Curtin Medical School and Curtin Health Innovation Research Institute. In November 2020, A/Prof Al-Salami’s team was declared the overall winner at the Curtin Innovation Program for the most innovative inner-ear drug delivery for treating hearing loss.

Maddison Brennan
Clinical Audiologist & Team Leader, Lions Hearing Clinic

Maddison holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Western Australia and completed her Masters of Clinical Audiology in 2015, graduating with distinction. Since graduating, she has worked in the fields of adult rehabilitation and diagnostic vestibular evaluation at the Ear Science Institute Australia. She has recently completed a project with Ear Science on behalf of the Department of Health investigating current evidence for tele-audiology services. Maddison is actively involved in the wider audiology community and was previously the vice-chair and secretary for the WA chapter of Audiology Australia.

Jody Maitland
Cochlear Implant Recipient, Lions Hearing Clinic

Jody Maitland knows first-hand the benefits of ear and hearing treatments. Jody, her son and her father are all cochlear implant recipients, experiencing the life-changing emotional, social, educational and professional impacts of hearing devices. Being part of three generations of recipients gives Jody a unique perspective of the beautiful world of hearing through technology and the opportunities a cure for hearing loss could bring to countless people globally.