Telethon continues to back the push to cure hearing loss

In 2023 we will continue to support the kids of WA to thrive thanks to Telethon

Ear Science Institute Australia is a proud Telethon Beneficiary for 2023. Together with Telethon we’re committed to creating brighter futures for vulnerable, disadvantaged, and sick children throughout Western Australia.

Ear Science brings together a team of the brightest minds from across the globe to collaborate to enhance the lives of WA children living with ear and hearing disorders, delivering innovative treatments and developing ground-breaking cures for tomorrow’s generation.

The record-breaking $71.4 million raised for Telethon in 2022 means they can support our organisation and many more children’s charities than ever before. Thanks to the support of Telethon, our scientists can continue developing ground breaking ear and hearing treatments.

Telethon is supporting our use of novel 3D inner ear cell culture systems as a platform to test new treatments for children with usher syndrome, and further development of internationally acclaimed novel scaffold to repair perforated eardrums in children. Telethon is also funding vital equipment to Ear Science that will allow targeted application of nanodrugs designed to prevent hearing loss in children.

Usher syndrome is an incurable genetic deaf-blindness disorder with devastating impacts on quality of life. Ear Science is one of only two labs in the world using our novel three-dimensional patient-derived inner ear cell culture system as a platform to screen and test new treatments for children with Usher syndrome.

Ear Science is addressing the significant burden of Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media in children, particularly in our most remote Indigenous communities. Our team of scientists are further developing our internationally acclaimed novel scaffold to repair perforated eardrums. The treatment will be advanced by providing the local and sustained delivery of drugs to counter chronic infection and promote healing, allowing our children to hear, and to learn. 



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