Judith gave the gift of hearing

Judith included a gift in her Will. Judith’s bequest will contribute to our vital research, clinical services and education in the ear and hearing sector.

Judith was initially from Tasmania, where she completed her nursing training before moving to Western Australia to work as a children’s nurse. A fond memory was having her photo taken with a friend she was training with, sitting on the porch with Mount Wellington in the background just covered in snow; it was beautiful, she said.

Later in life, Judith suffered from attacks where she would experience severe vertigo and nausea. These attacks went on for five years, and it became difficult to cope. After hearing about cochlear implants, Judith recognised that a lady in the street was wearing one and approached her. She was recommended to Professor Atlas, who later diagnosed her Meniere’s disease, which explained the attacks she was experiencing.

In 2013 Judith received her cochlear Implant, taking a while to get used to it with her Meniere’s flaring up shortly after surgery, but that was the last time. She found the switch on process pretty ordinary and just recalled having to concentrate really hard. After receiving her Cochlear Implant, Judith could finally hear the world around her. She was hearing things that she had missed entirely before, like the sound of buses passing or the seaweed at the beach. She remembers walking on the seaweed because Professor Atlas had told her to walk on uneven surfaces, “that sure makes a noise”, she said.

“The Cochlear Implant and getting rid of the Meniere’s was terrific – it was such a relief.”

In her final months, Judith was quite unwell with breathing troubles; she would have one cup of coffee a day in the morning to help her coughing. Judith decided to give her Cochlear Implant batteries and accessories back to Lions Hearing Clinic to give them a new life.

Judith is passionate about helping children and aboriginal communities. She wants to leave a gift in her will to support children with ear and hearing disorders, whether to treat their hearing loss or to conduct research into treatments.

Judith could not imagine being deaf at a young age.

She says, “If we can stop children from going deaf – I think it would be great…If we all do our best – it will be better!”.

Thank you Judith for giving the Gift of Hearing.