Furthering our international networks in 3D printing

Postdoctoral Research Fellow Dr Filippo Valente and our collaborator from Deakin University, Dr Ben Allardyce, attended the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Symposium (TERMIS) in Rhodes, Greece.

Filippo presented his recent work in a talk titled “Bioprinting silk hydrogels using two-photon stereolithography regulates the biomaterial properties and the cell behaviour”.
The conference provided a good overview of recent advancements in the field of tissue engineering, specifically cutting-edge technologies with a focus on the application of high precision 3D printing, as well as addressing current issues.

Filippo had the opportunity to speak with world experts in his field, David Kaplan (Tufts University, Boston) and Mannuela Raimondi (Politechnico di Milano, Italy) to seek their expertise. He will be able to apply this new knowledge to his work on silk scaffolds. Filippo also made some new connections, which may develop into future collaborations.

Filippo said he thoroughly enjoyed his time at the conference and found that it gave context to the research in biomaterials we are doing at Ear Science. The talks highlighted the relevance and importance of the clinical applications of his project.