Helping us, helping you

The Ear Science Clinical Research team have had a couple of helpful volunteers assisting with key projects in the last few months.

Jennifer Marks has been working with Dr Dona Jayakody in the Hearing and Cognition Trial. Jennifer is a UWA graduate who studied a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Neuroscience.

Part of Jennifer’s role is to contact potential participants to speak with them about the study, and arrange for them to come in for screening assessments. “On the days I can come in, I have also completed several assessments with clients,” explained Jennifer. “I’ve also helped out with the Musicians Project for a few weeks with Dr Blake Lawrence.”

Elizabeth Foster has since finished up her placement working with Dr Cathy Sucher. “Liz was working with me for the fulfilment of her third year UWA Science degree work placement,” said Dr Sucher. “She was helping me with the development of a research project. Liz completed literature reviews, assisted in questionnaire development and paperwork for subject recruitment.”

“In this study, we’re looking into speech perception and quality of life outcomes for people who have severe to profound mixed hearing losses. These people may be eligible for either a high-powered bone conduction implant or a cochlear implant, and the study aims to determine a better way of predicting which device would be most beneficial.”

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