A special delivery to Indonesia

Remember Keenan’s story from last month?

Since embarking on the journey to get help for Keenan, his mum Herning has started a community support group for parents of children with hearing loss and other disabilities called Pecahkan Kesunyian – meaning Breaking the Silence.

Using social media, she reaches out to other families who need hearing aids but can’t afford them. Herning then works with a local audiologist in Indonesia, to ensure the devices are fitted correctly.

Last year, the Lions Hearing Aid Bank provided her with 13 pairs of hearing aids for other Indonesian children in need.

And this month, Herning’s friend Dody popped into our Subiaco office to collect a further eight pairs of refurbished hearing aids for members of Herning’s support group.

“I might not have the money to help others but I can help them to find the organisation that will provide hearing aids for their children,” said Herning.

“So thank you Lions Hearing Clinic, you have changed our lives.”

Learn more about the Lions Hearing Aid Bank.