My cochlear implant helped me get into University

"I couldn't hear my teachers clearly at school"

Hayden was born with multigenerational hearing loss, with his mum, Jody and grandfather Leslie also born with hearing loss. He was diagnosed with deafness at four years old, and although wearing hearing aids, Hayden still struggled with his limited hearing throughout his childhood, particularly at school.

I couldn’t hear my teachers clearly at school.

At ten years old, Hayden was implanted with his cochlear implant. His mum Jody had noticed that his hearing had declined, and he wasn’t hearing as much at school; she didn’t want him to have those struggles. Jody knew that her son was an intelligent kid and more than capable of learning. He just needed to hear what was being said in the classroom.

A mother’s intuition combined with her own experience of hearing loss and being a cochlear implant recipient herself, Jody knew the signs to look out for and that a cochlear implant would help Hayden with the clarity of sound he needed.

In 2014 Hayden had his cochlear implant on the right ear, still using a hearing aid for the left ear. Initially, it took a while for him to adapt, “He didn’t like it in the beginning. It was a real struggle to get him to wear it because he liked the natural sound of his hearing aid”, says mum Jody. Hayden worked very hard in both his rehabilitation and school, learning to interpret the new sounds through his life-changing cochlear implant.

After my cochlear implant I was able to learn more and now I’m studying at uni.

Today, at seventeen, Hayden loves his Cochlear Implant, and his right ear is his preferred ear. Hearing with clarity, he has progressed through school, recently graduating year 12 and attending university, something his mum believes “wouldn’t be possible without his cochlear implant”. Hayden hopes to work with cochlear implants in the future using his first-hand experience and university learnings to be involved in the software development of these life-changing devices.

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